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February 23, 2017

Spring Cleaning – A Necessary Evil

Let WWP Private Home Care take care of your Spring Cleaning to prep your home for the 2017 Season!


Our housekeeping offers a la carte services. We can help with a basic spruce up all the way to a full home deep clean.


Interior treatments range from laundering/sanitizing all linens and towels in our commercial laundry to cleaning/sanitizing all bathroom surfaces, cleaning/sanitizing all kitchen surfaces and  dishes/pots/pans/utensils/prep items and appliances, cleaning/vacuuming floors/carpeting, dusting (including blinds and fans), removing trash and installing new bags, checking /replacing light bulbs and cleaning ocean-facing windows.


Exterior services can encompass cleaning porches, decks and balconies to cleaning grills, outdoor furniture and exterior showers; removing debris from walks, driveways, and yard; washing ocean-side doors and windows; blowing out and organizing garages; cleaning/prepping hot tubs, pools or spas (chemicals/supplies not included); checking bike tires and chains and golf cart assistance (including checking cart chargers, filling batteries , ensuring cart curtains are stored or attached properly, checking tires, washing carts and/or plugging them in).


Contact us at 910.470.0000 for a quote and to schedule a home analysis.

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