Frequently Asked Questions

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Club Membership & My Rental

All WWP rental properties must have a minimum of a “House” membership in the BHI Club to be on our program. Some homes elect to offer a “lifestyle” membership that allows guests to play golf. Some homes also elect to offer Shoals Club access as well. Please consult the rental listing information to determine what club offerings are included in a rental home.

Also, please note that the cost of a temporary membership is NOT included in the price of rental. Temporary club memberships to the BHI and Shoals Clubs must be made by the guest. WWP strongly recommends making all arrangements as soon as possible. Both clubs charge an additional $100 fee for any reservations made within a week of check in. For questions about the BHI Club, please contact the club at (910) 457-7300. For questions about the Shoals Club, please contact the club at (910) 454-4888.

How long will it take to sell my property?

Every property and situation is unique, and there is no definite answer. May factors influencing the amount of time it will take include: location, building restrictions in your area, strength of the market, and how aggressive you are willing to get on your asking price. Call us today – we can evaluate your property and develop the right marketing plan to fit your needs.

I Am Buying A Home, Why Should I Have It Inspected?

A home inspection gives the buyer confidence, can discover any substantial defects before they become a larger problem, and exposes what the quality of the home really is. Your home inspector should be a licensed contractor and can give you a good idea of what the costs of the repairs are going to be so that you know exactly what you are investing in. Simply put, a home inspection offers peace of mind so that you can enjoy your new Island purchase without worrying, and gives you an education on how to better care for your home.


What Has The Market Been Like Lately?

Like much of the country, Bald Head Island has felt the effects of a declining market for the past few years. However, since the end of 2010, we have begun to see a positive upswing in the Island’s Real Estate market! While volume is still down, the Island as a whole had as many transactions as 2007, and has started 2011 off very strong. Deals are being made at a rapid pace, interest rates are very low, and now is certainly the time to consider buying that special Bald Head Island property that you have been dreaming about!

How Do We Get New Furniture Over Here?

Residents utilize the Bald Head Island Barge to transport larger items, approved vehicles, and moving trailers. For a specific list of fees and the Barge schedule, please call 910.457.5205. If you are a member of the BHI club, you may have access to use the BHI Club truck. Please contact the BHI Club for more information 910.457.7300.

How Long Does It Take To Close On A House Here?

Closings on Bald Head Island are typically no different than on the mainland. Buyers will still need to secure their loan if obtaining financing, and have inspections and appraisals done during Due Diligence period. If you are purchasing a short sale or foreclosure property, the timeframe can take a bit longer, as there are bank processes to work through.

What Should We Expect The Weather To Be On BHI?

You can visit the On-Island weather center at for updates on local weather. Keep in mind, there is always a slight difference on BHI from the mainland.

Where Do I Pick Up My Keys?

The keys to your house will be located inside on the kitchen counter with information about the Island and your club membership passes.

What Do I Need To Bring?

Your house will have linens, bath towels, wash cloths, hand towels and a starter supply of shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and paper products (toilet paper and paper towels). The Maritime Market on BHI will have all of the additional supplies you may need. Beach towels are not provided, so you may want to bring your own.

What kind of feedback can I expect from you and how often?

Our company and Agents send out bi-weekly marketing reports via email. These reports show BHI stats on what has sold, is pending, and what new properties have recently come on the market. We will also notify you of any showings and discuss with you any remarks or suggestions given by clients and other Agents. Every communication style is different, including our Agents’. Please feel free to discuss with your Agent the frequency with which he or she should be in contact with you.

How Much Are Ferry Tickets And Parking?

The round trip ferry ticket prices are (subject to change):
Adults: $23
Children (ages 3-12): $12
Children under 3: Free (but still need to get a ticket)
“No Frills”: purchased on Island for round trip off and back on the same day (no tram service or checked luggage accepted): $14
Parking: $10/day for June, July and August ($8/day all other times)

Why Do I Need Ferry Reservations?

You typically do not need “ferry” reservations. The reservations we make for you are “tram” reservations, which have much less availability. Ferry availability is on a first-come basis, so please plan to arrive at least 30 – 45 minutes prior to your ferry departure. A tram will be assigned to you on the Island-side. For summer vacations and vsits over major holidays, we strongly suggest that you call ahead for tram seating (910.457.5003).

Why Is My Ferry Time Not What I Requested?

We try to get you the times you have requested, but there is limited space available. So we schedule you to the closest available time. If you would like more information on availability on a particular day, please call Deep Point Marina at 910.457.5003.

What Type Of Luggage And Bags Can I Bring?

The ferry terminal is similar to an airport terminal. There is a conveyer belt system on which you load your luggage. Properly labeled luggage, coolers, boxes, etc. can be loaded onto the belt and are acceptable cargo. Loose items, grocery bags and things that may get caught in the conveyer belt are not acceptable and they may require you to purchase a large Tupperware container in which to put these items, or you may carry them onto the ferry. Any items that cannot fit in their dollies require a cargo ticket for $24 (such things as kayaks, bicycles, surf boards, and any other large items). For more information on how to pack, please see this guide: How to Pack.

Do I Need To Bring Food, Beverages And Other Necessities?

There is a grocery store on Bald Head Island that has most of the necessities you will need. They have a large selection of wine and beer, meat counter, deli, and a lot of things you would find in a normal grocery store. Liquor can only be purchased at an ABC Store in North Carolina and is therefore not offered at the Maritime Market. There is an ABC Store on Howe Street of Southport before you get to the waterfront.

Does My House Have A Grill?

Yes. All of our rental houses have some type of grill. We do not provide charcoal for charcoal grills and if you run out of propane, we will replace the tank during business hours. In the list of amenities on our website, we will specify what type of grill is at your house.

Does My House Have Air Conditioning?

Yes, all of our houses have central heating and air conditioning.

Does My House Have Internet?

Almost all of our homes have internet access. Under the list of amenities on our website, will specify whether or not your house has internet available. If it is not listed, then the house does not have internet. However, if your house does not have internet, or the internet is not working properly, there is free WiFi at the Bald Head Island Club, Shoals Club, and the Maritime Market. You will need a valid membership to access either club.

Is There Internet Access On The Island?

Yes. There is free WiFi at the Bald Head Island Club, Shoals Club, and the Maritime Market. You will need a valid membership to access either club.

How Do I Send Or Receive Mail?

To send large packages or receive FedEx or UPS packages to the Island, you will need to use the Island Parcel Service (IPS) located across from Old Baldy, beside the Post Office and Town Hall. It is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. To have something shipped to you, use our company address (6E Merchants Row, PO Box 3259, Bald Head Island, NC 28461) and your cell phone number. It is also a good idea to place the name of your rental home on the package. When your package arrives on BHI, the IPS will call you and you may go and pick it up. Their phone number is 910.454.4864 should you have any questions. Also, there is an on-Island Post Office which is open weekdays from 1pm to 3pm, and is located across from Old Baldy.


What Is My Competition?

Your competition will be every other property on BHI that fits your property’s criteria. This will also include any properties in that description that have sold or are currently under contract. This is why pricing is so important. We are experiencing a market where Buyers are not emotional about their purchases for the most part. They are looking for the best deal. This is where our skilled and knowledgeable Agents will shine for you. We can help you find your best price range and market your property to stand out above similar properties.

Are There Medical Facilities On Bald Head Island?

There are paramedics on duty 24 hours a day. If you have an emergency, call 911. For all other medical issues, there is an Urgent Care facility in Southport as well as a hospital. For a list of local hospitals, urgent care facilities and pharmacies see our Island Resources.

Can I Bring My Wonderful, Very Well-Behaved Dog To My Rental House If My House Is Not Dog Friendly?

No. Having an animal in a home advertised as non-pet-friendly may create a potential health risk to any future visitor with pet allergies. We have pet friendly homes available.

Are There Bugs On The Island?

Yes, there are many different types of insects on Bald Head Island, including palmetto bugs and mosquitoes, and it’s quite possible you will see one in your rental home. All of our homes are on a quarterly pest control program. However, like humans, when it’s hot and dry insects come in looking for water and a cool place to hide from the heat. They can sneak in when you least expect it and usually die pretty quickly from the preventative pest control. WWP does not have control over these occurrences and will not issue refunds due to pest issues in a home.

How Do I Access the Clubs?

The BHI & Shoals Clubs are private clubs, only accessible by a membership (or a temporary guest membership). If your vacation rental home has the option, you can purchase a temporary membership at an additional fee. Prices vary depending on which club, time of year, size of home, and how many days you anticipate using the club. You cannot purchase a BHI or Shoals temporary membership unless the house you are staying at has the club as an option. Please note that all WWP rental homes have a BHI Club access option, and you can  determine whether or not a home has a Shoals Club option by viewing the home’s amenities on our website. Also, if you’d like to play golf at the BHI Club, or take part in additional recreations, such as tennis or croquet, you will need to make sure that the BHI Club membership for that home offers those options, as not all do. This can also be found in the list of amenities. If you are unsure about offered memberships, or have any additional questions, please ask.

Are There Lifeguards On The Beaches?

No. Swimming is at your own risk and we highly recommend adult supervision for any children playing in the water. South Beach and East Beach are the better areas for swimming, as West Beach is on the river side of BHI and has stronger currents. Please be aware that it is inadvisable to swim out onto the Shoals, as it is a dangerous environment and swimmers can quickly become trapped.


Can I Play Golf?

You can only play golf with a Bald Head Island Club Membership (Sports or Golf) in which the house is designated with golf privileges. On our website for each rental it will say “No Golf Access” for houses that do not offer golf privileges (Social Memberships). There is no way to play golf without a temporary membership from a house that has that privilege. With golf privileges, you will still need to pay for the rounds of golf that you want to play (it is not included with the membership). Contact the pro shop at 910.457.7310 for current green fees and rates and to schedule your tee times.

Can My Child Drive A Golf Cart?

Only licensed drivers are allowed to drive golf carts. There are Police on the Island and they will cite drivers without a valid license. Golf carts may seem like a toy, but they are very expensive and dangerous when not being used properly. Golf cart accidents have caused serious injuries and even deaths on the Island, so please do not allow unlicensed children to operate a golf cart.

What Can I Do To Make It More Presentable?

Presentation can mean the difference between selling a home and letting it sit for another season. Simple fixes such as removing excess furniture to reduce clutter and open up spaces, adding furniture to a sparse room, keeping vegetation trimmed back and property well-groomed, keeping porches clear of sand and debris whenever possible, and keeping the interior clean and smelling fresh can make a significant difference to a potential buyer.

What Is A 1031 Exchange, And How Can This Benefit Me?

In general, a 1031 Exchange allows for the tax-deferred exchange of any business use or asset property for “like kind” property of equal or greater value. (The term “like kind” is very broad in definition, and does not mean that the exchange must be for an identical property. This exchange may occur between land and homes or even between residential and commercial properties.) This means that your capital gains taxes are postponed if you reinvest the proceeds from the sale of one asset property into another within the guidelines regulating 1031 Exchanges. Why sell a property that has significantly appreciated and put the proceeds in the bank before buying another asset property? You would just be paying hefty sums in capital gains taxes and depreciation. Using a 1031 Exchange could actually increase your asset leverage. Please consult your Investment Adviser and Tax Adviser for more information on 1031 Exchanges and how it will affect you financially.

Will You Do Open Houses?

Absolutely! WWP agents love to hold Open Houses as a way to meet more clients and to showcase a property. We usually hold an Open House along a major traffic road or intersection where there is high visibility. Unfortunately, holding an Open House in a property that is set back in the woods or out of the public eye at this time is not effective, because of the no-signage rules on BHI. Also, brokers are not allowed to display an Open House bollard on any properties located in Stage II, which makes an open house in those properties difficult and ineffective. For these reasons, we are promoting our Yellow Carts as our “mobile offices.” Where you see a Yellow Cart, there is likely an Open House!

How Much Are Taxes, Insurance, Utilities, Etc?

Tax rates for Brunswick County and for the Village of Bald Head Island can be found here: Insurance costs will vary greatly according to where the property is located, and in which zone it sits. Your Agent can get information from the Sellers or Sellers’ Agent as to how much has been paid for the last few years on a property. For a list of local insurance agencies, please visit our Buyer’s Resource Page. Utilities costs will depend on how the property will be used and how often, if ever, the property will sit empty. Again, your Agent can get this information on a specific property for you.

How Old Is House, Who Built It, Square Footage, Etc?

Your WWP Island Professional can assist you in obtaining this information on any property on Bald Head Island. Please give us a call with a specific list of properties that interest you. We will be happy to answer any of your questions.

What Is Rental History And What Should It Rent For?

Your WWP Island Professional can assist you in obtaining this information on any rental property on Bald Head Island. Please give us a call with a specific list of properties that interest you. We will be happy to answer any of your questions.