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Ginger Dunn… Real Producer Cover!

August 6, 2021

Or copy and paste the following into your browser: https://www.wendywilmotproperties.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/GingerDunn_realProducerMagCover_2021sm.pdf.

Good Day! From Anne Rex

August 2021!  How did that happen?  Time seems to be flying by.  I hope that in the busyness of the days you each have taken time to enjoy a bit of the blessings that life has to offer.   Last night in my busyness, I almost missed the most beautiful sunset.  I have included the picture… Read More

Greetings from The Ward Team

What does your family like to do on BHI??? Family fun all summer long!  This is our family week on BHI. Bikes rides, swimming pool, beach and even homemade ice cream are things we love.

Greeting from Anne Rex

July 23, 2021

Good Day! Did you know that in 1966 (not that I would know anything about this date!!) that Frank Sinatra’s album “Strangers in The Night” was number 1?  And why do I mention this today? Because, if you are on the Island, let us not be “Strangers” and join us tonight for the “Howl at… Read More

The Ward Team

June 28, 2021

One reason for a BHI vacation is to relax, slow down, enjoy your family.  So, now that you are here, take your time, try not to be in a hurry.  Enjoy your stay, one day at a time.  As the sign about BHI used to say on the way into Southport, “Prepare to slow down……….considerably.”… Read More

Anne Rex

Good Morning!Welcome to the last week of June.  Can you believe it…July 4 is this coming Sunday?   The Island is in full gear and celebrations are planned for all to have an exciting week.Real estate on the Island is just as exciting and continues to move quickly. We work hard to make sure you get… Read More

The Ward Team

October 9, 2020

525 Currituck Way-listed at $359,200 Build your dream home on this Marsh front home site. Wonderful sunrise views over the marsh and East Beach. As the seasons change so do the colors of the marsh, each of them seeming more amazing than the previous. Marsh wildlife is for the true nature lover, a bird watchers… Read More

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