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Hurricane Matthew & Bald Head Island

October 5, 2016


Hurricane Matthew is coming! Our little Island is battening down the hatches; our maintenance folks are hurriedly prepping our houses with moving carts to higher grounds and assuring that the homes are as hurricane-proof as possible. The National Weather Service’s official five-day forecast projects the path to hit or be very close to Bald Head. We expect to see buckets of rain. The two bits of good news are the NWS expects wind speeds to decrease from major hurricane velocity (greater than 110 mph) to just hurricane velocity (74-110 mph) by the time Matthew arrives here. Further, since our timing is currently close to a new moon phase, high tides will be about a foot and a half lower this Friday through Sunday than they are at other times of the month (ranging from 4.1-4.6 feet). This will result in lower storm surges. The barge schedule has already been modified. It will run tomorrow-its usual maintenance day- and then shut down for the rest of the week.Possible evacuations (voluntary or mandatory) have not yet been announced by the Village. However, the Village has already begun to pump the lagoons in anticipation of possible flooding.


Today a Voluntary Evacuation was issued from the Village, stating that all renters must evacuate the Island. Official news and updates on Hurricane Matthew and other important Island concerns emanate from the Village via the Village Voice email. If you are not yet receiving this timely update, click here to subscribe.


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