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Fourth of July on BHI

July 1, 2016

Our sense of smell triggers memories like none other. Getting a whiff of cinnamon buns cooking in July momentarily evokes the reminder to buy Christmas gifts, and smelling freshly cut grass transports us to summer picnics.


Bald Head Island has its own wonderful smell. It’s the combination of the salt air, baitfish in the surf, and suntan lotion that makes the ferry trip over trigger scores of memories. Add the smells of the Fourth of July to the mix – grilled burgers and dogs, ripe watermelons, spent sparklers–and the Fourth of July on the Island is an olfactory overload.


The Fourth on BHI is magic. The golf cart parade is iconic Bald Head; our celebration of independence is on slow-rolling display as hand-decorated carts meander from one end of the island to the other. The parade has a small town feel that is reminiscent of days past when things were less complicated. This is fitting because on the Island, life is less complicated.


Anyone can join in on the Fourth of July cart parade fun, and children of all ages partake in the community activity either as an interactive observer or as a participant. You can register your cart up to an hour before the parade takes place and it is always a memorable experience!


The activities for children on the Island don’t just stop at the parade; the conservancy camps and programs, the cardboard boat race, and the sandcastle building contest, are just a few of the events offered throughout the week.


After the cart parade, the Bald Head Island Club will host a seafood buffet available upon reservation. The seafood buffet can be a perfect way to end the sun-filled July holiday.


For other Bald Head Island events offered this week, and for the rest of the BHI summer events, please download our new app hosted on Google Play, and the Apple Store by searching Wendy Wilmot Properties. You can search Island events and several other offerings on the Island.


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