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Crabbing & Cast Netting | BHI Conservancy

June 29, 2017

Islander, F.A. McLeod and her family recently took the crabbing and cast netting class at the Bald Head Island Conservancy. Take a look at what she had to say about this wonderful class!

My family and I just took the Conservancy’s class on crabbing and cast-netting…WHAT A BLAST! Having never crabbed before, we didn’t know what to expect. We met at the Village Creek access and the Conservancy interns not only provided us with all the equipment needed (crab lines, bait, cast nets, crab traps and dip nets), but also showed us exactly what we needed to do. I was a little daunted at first, but the nine-year-old in our group jumped right in and soon we were all muddy, wet and having the time of our lives!

The hour and a half flew by and soon our bucket had a bunch of crabs in it.  We took these beauties home, stopping at the Market on the way for some Old Bay seasoning. After boiling, we spread newspaper on the deck and laughed while we cracked shells and extracted meat. The chef in the group mixed the crabmeat and seasoning, making cakes that we grilled. Truly, these were THE BEST crab cakes I have ever eaten.

Hooray for the Conservancy… for not only helping us learn how to catch a terrific treat, but also creating a day of special family memories in the sun.

Perfect the art of crabbing and cast-netting! Grab the entire family, and prepare to get your hands muddy! Crab lines, bait, dip nets, crab traps, and cast nets are provided. Please note that we practice catch and release. Meet at the Village Creek Access.
$10/person for BHI Conservancy Members  |   $15/person for Non-Members

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